Ciudad de la Salud de Cáceres


The business model is supported by management meticulously orientated towards the launching of innovative projects of high added value in development stages (TRL4-TRL9) and with a clear capacity of reaching the market, which may be improved and perfected during the incubation period by means of services of specialised and financial support.

The projects will have a location of reference, specialised services, and financial accompaniment by means of both public and private complementary resources during the incubation stage and during their subsequent launch onto the market.

We target managing companies, corporations, multinationals, institutions, start-ups, SMEs, and technologically based companies with the aim of investing in the support and/or creation of a new product, service, and/or process in the sector of life and health sciences, providing resources in keeping with the project with a clear vocation and business structure.

Owing to this the company awarded the tender will propose a battery of projects for the duration of the contract, which it will support with resources offering them the most favourable services for their coming onto the market. Our collaboration will allow the offering of a range of public and private resources so that innovative projects guarantee their success rate and can face habitual obstacles with facilities.

Specialised location in surroundings of reference

Specialised knowledge and follow-up

Technical and financial resources, experience, and contracts

Support from the administration and complementary private agents