The Sociedad Gestora de la Ciudad de la Salud y la Innovación, S.A.U., is a government corporation within the group of companies with Extremadura Avante S.L.U. as the leading company.

The City of Health was born with the objective of developing, attracting, promoting, executing, and managing investment projects in companies and research and development, clinical, and healthcare centres, and also carrying out prior analyses, studies, and projects of all kinds whether technical, scientific, economic, legal, town planning, etc., related to the so-called “City of Health and Innovation”, in addition to their implementation, promotion, urbanisation, construction, building, and installation and subsequent management and total or partial exploitation.

Through the City of Health, Extremadura Avante SLU guarantees the accompaniment of the companies incubated, providing support on:

  • Infrastructure
  • Internationalisation
  • Institutional concessions
  • Financial consolidation
  • Support in the capturing of resources to promote R+D+I
  • Support in the search for business agreements with Spanish and international strategic partners

Through the Sociedad Gestora de la Ciudad de la Salud y la Innovación S.A.U., Extremadura Avante will supervise compliance with the agreement reached with the entity awarded the tender and may take part complementarily through capital investment of an amount not exceeding 5% of the total investment of the project or through refundable loans at consolidated stages of the project. In order to do so the companies incubated must have been incorporated as firms from Extremadura even though their origin may be national or international.