Ciudad de la Salud de Cáceres


The Ciudad de la Salud y de la Innovación (“City of Health and Innovation”) came to be with the aim of developing, attracting, promoting, executing, and managing projects to invest in companies and research and development centers, clinics and healthcare in general, as well as to undertake preliminary analyses, studies, and research of all types –whether technical, scientific, economic, legal, urban planning, etc. in nature– related with the creation of the so-called “Ciudad de la Salud,” as well as its execution, promotion, urban development, construction, building, and installation – and its subsequent full or partial management and exploitation.

Ciudad de la Salud y de la Innovación de Cáceres is on Highway N-521, Km 41.8, Next to the University of Extremadura. This strategic location, which is a hub of innovation, is home to the Ciudad de la Salud y de la Innovación Bioincubator, as well as the Jesús Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Center (CCMIJU) and the University Hospital of Cáceres.

The bioincubator is easily accessible as it is directly connected to the A-58 Highway of Extremadura, which ties together the municipalities of Cáceres and Trujillo, where it connects with the A-5 Highway. The A-5 provides a link between the capital city of Spain and the city of Badajoz and also
provides a connection to Lisbon.

Likewise, nearby is the connection with the A-66 Silver Route Highway that links Gijón and Seville and runs the whole way through Extremadura from north to south.

Sociedad Gestora de Ciudad de la Salud y la Innovación has put into place the Cáceres Bioincubator project with an innovative business model that features a public/private format that will encourage innovative projects and facilitate the arrival to market of services, products, and processes with a high added value.